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This has been a long time coming Amazon UK.

I have been meaning to write an in-depth review on this company for some time now but for some reason or the other I have always forgotten to do it but no more Amazon, you have shown me the depths of your incompetence one to many times. It’s time for a reckoning, you maybe be rich Mr. CEO but I’m a B****, so let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?

Amazon warns of exploding products!

One of the most shocking revelations regarding this company is their blatant disregard for whom they let sell on their platform. They have absolutely no filter when it comes to quality control or as it seems no conscience when it comes to the products. These can range from the absolutely useless to the extremely dangerous (exploding electrics and melting batteries).

The worst part is, they seem to have no problems whatsoever charging sky-high prices for the afore mentioned products. Regardless, Amazon can not be held solely responsible for certain products, it is mainly an entry platform for independent retailers. However, this does not excuse the sheer ignorance they show when it comes to what is sold. Some of the products being sold, are not dissimilar to another well know website that sells dodgy goods and low cost merchandise from mainland China, namely Wish.

Sellers from hell

When it comes to sellers on Amazon, If you actually click on the seller info on the product page, more often than not you will find that it is built, despatched and supplied by some unpronounceable name or place in China. These type of mass production sellers are well know globally for selling sub standard merchandise. Always check out the seller details and ratings before you buy any ‘to good to be true’ merchandise. Fake reviews are also not uncommon with these products, so never rely on them for a guarantee of quality.

Personally, I have been using this online retailer for sometime now, and they are not all bad experiences. There has been some genuinely nice and reasonably priced products on Amazon but that shouldn’t outweigh the truly horrific products, or at least, the sheer multitude of times I have had to contact their customer services to get parcels resent because they never arrived? Talking about their customer services, this brings me onto my next point.

Customers don’t always come first

When it comes to customer services, it has to be on the ball. It is the first point of contact for anyone who has issues with a product or service, and it really needs to be polished if it’s to represent a company at it’s finest. Unfortunately, this is where Amazon really fails to impress me. Not only is it extremely difficult trying to talk to a real person instead of their annoying and often frustrating bot, but when you do finally get through to another person it too is usually through a call back service, which in my experience, often never calls you back.

Amazons Chat Bot ><

I spent nearly thirty frustrating minutes talking to this lovely wee chat bot. I got stuck in a kind of Twilight Zone loop, having to answer the same questions over and over again but you can’t give up, or at least after all that you won’t give up. You are now on an Impossible Mission (cue music here)! Yes it’s friendly but that doesn’t make me want to hug it, oh contraire, It just makes me think that Amazon, with their billions of pounds, have nothing better to do than to ignore their customers plights and refuse, point blank, to engage them on a personable level. For shame Amazon!

On the flip side of their CS , when you do finally get to speak with someone, 99.8% of the time they will get your issues sorted, this is definitely one of the more positive aspects of the company. Even though most of the calls are routed through some obscure Indian call centre, they try their hardest to sort things out but sadly Amazon, that small silver lining in the cesspool of poor business practices amounts to the age old adage “Too Little, Too Late”.

I think its time you started to focus more on what you put out rather than what you take in. No-one can dent that money is useful but when it takes priority over who pays your bills then something is seriously misaligned.

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Online shopping over the years has become so much broader. You don’t have to be tied down to one particular website or supplier. Amazon is great for speed and access to so many products but that doesn’t mean it’s the best out there. Shop around and find a better deal elsewhere!