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Hello, you gorgeous Myssy-ME’s. I am Naomi Erin! Socialite, writer, and multi-creative universe built into a little fleshy shell. 

I have been working in the creative industry for over 20 years now and along the way one has learnt many tricks, skills and lessons, some of which have not been very nice, others have been eye-opening and a very few, have enhanced my life beyond my own imagination and that’s saying something, trust me. I try to get involved in a lot of work, my heads always overflowing with ideas, sometimes the point of exhaustion but I hate giving up on anything. I just love to talk to people and learn about what you do, Life is about expanding the mind, not closing it off to possibilities. We all travel the same road that eventually reaches the same destination, so why not all walk it together?

My main objective with this blog I suppose is to take my life experiences, write them down and offer my own perspective on things that matter to me. It’s not just about the writing, there are so many things that make me go ‘hmmm’ and blogging is the way to get those thoughts and feelings out there into the world. I’m not saying that every piece I write is going to be awe-inspiring but it will be honest and most certainly, from the heart.

So enjoy my musings, leave a comment or two and most of all, I hope you learn a few things in the process. Go on expand that mind of yours too 😉

So what’s next for you, me, and the rest of the world? Well, it is important, at least for me it is, to listen to your government and heed their warnings they put out there. I know that a lot of you have very little faith in your respective governments right now but they do have their ears to the ground and I am sure they want all this over just as much as we do right? You have to keep yourself safe, that part is vital. Our family and friends are as much at risk as they are unnecessary parties, social gatherings, etc, are not an excuse to put them in danger, even I know that and I for one, will not be seeking to get my thrill on until all this is over.

Anyway, things got away from me a bit there so I’m going to love and leave you, for now, my wee Myssy-ME’s and I hope y’all stay in touch. We got a lot of ground to makeup and I have a whole lot of work to be getting on with. Be happy and stay safe out there.