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Humanity is always quick to judge one another based on their differences and we have shown over and over again our intolerance to others because of those differences.  History is littered with acts of hatred because of the colour of the skin, sexual orientation, places of origin (birth), upbringing, privilege and even the colour of a person’s hair, if there is a difference, you can be damn sure someone is going to make an issue out of it. The most deplorable part of all this is that no matter how educated or informed we are, no matter how much time passes by, people still want to hate. Let’s be honest here, hate is so much easier than love, right?  It takes a lot of effort to put aside your differences, to shake someone’s hand or smile because someone smiled at you. Of course, it’s so much easier to scream racist or abusive comments or beat someone up because they look, dress or act differently…wrong. It is an actual proven fact, that doing something nice for someone, actually makes you feel better about yourself. This can lead to a sense of wellbeing, positivity and those lovely little “feel good” hormones. So, in essence, being nicer to people actually reduces stress, puts you in a positive mood and shows the world that you actually give a damn about something but hey, it’s easier to hate right, so much easier to be an asshole?  Do you understand irony? The thing is no matter how racist, abusive or pathetic people are, I will always smile at them, always go out of my way to tolerate them and even go so far as to make them feel welcome when everyone else is hating, no despising them. This is not because I am some “holier than thou” type of person, it’s simply because I have been the target of the abusive types all my life and because of that, I should have all the rights in the world to hate them right back but if I did that, then I would be nothing more than a hypocrite.